As a beautiful city in California, Fresno is a bustling metropolis filled with prospering industries and families. Needless to say, the party culture of California is rampant in Fresno, especially among the younger crowds. With thousands of individuals in the city in need of immediate help, Our Addiction Rehab is dedicated to offering the best drug addiction treatment to the residents of Fresno. At our facility, we do all we can to better the lives of troubled individuals and help them give up their addiction.

The Current Situation of Drug Addiction in Fresno

It is no secret that over three million people in the state are currently experiencing addiction and substance abuse in one or more forms. Be it alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, intravenous drugs, inhalants of hallucinogens, many of require help that our facility can provide. Do you think you are alone in this battle against addiction? Think again!

  • Marijuana users – 22,500
  • Prescription drug abusers – 9,800
  • Cocaine addicts – 3,700
  • Hallucinogens and inhalants – 2,600
  • Heroin addicts – 200
  • Drug related arrests (last year) – 2,800
  • DUIs (last year) – 2,150

The alarming statistics indicate that thousands within Fresno require immediate help in overcoming their dependence on one or more forms of drugs. If you want to change and better your life, get in touch with Our Addiction Rehab to enjoy an addiction-free future.

Are You Exhibiting Symptoms Of Drug Addiction? Don’t Ignore Them!

While drug addiction itself may not have foolproof prevention, there are many steps you can take to catch it in time. It is very important that you remain aware of common symptoms and health conditions associated with substance abuse and recognize these to seek timely help.

  • Irritability, paranoia, mood swings, anxiety
  • Disturbed eating and sleeping patterns
  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss
  • Unexplained increase in expenses
  • Bouts of lethargy, depression and hyperactivity
  • Unusual or suspicious odor on body, breath or clothing
  • Drastic changes in personality
  • Secretive behavior or suspicious activity

Addictive substances like illicit drugs have a unique way of working. As your body grows accustomed to these chemicals, it also creates a need for them. If you notice any of the symptoms in a loved one, it is best not to waste any more time and get help from Our Addiction Rehab immediately.

Earn a Second Chance at a Drug-Free Life with Our Addiction Rehab

At Our Addiction Rehab, you can be sure of receiving the best medical support to overcome substance abuse particularly during detoxification. However, we do not believe in providing just medical care, but we also organize interventions to confront the individual with his addiction and provide regular counseling sessions to ensure that your loved one is coping with the program both physically and mentally. We also encourage our participants to be proactive during their treatment and share their experiences through self help groups and activities.

With help from Our Addiction Rehab, you can continue a healthier and drug-free lifestyle. To know more about our all-inclusive drug addiction treatment plans, get in touch with our facility today. Contact Our Addiction Rehab for detox and rehab programs.

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Fresno Residents Battle Drug Addiction

california mansion website photoDo you know a Fresno struggling with drug addiction or substance abuse? Do you notice signs of trouble but are not sure how to help? It is best not to waste any more time and contact our professionals and experts at Our Addiction Rehab.

The Current State of Drug Addiction in Fresno

If you think you are alone in the battle against substance abuse, think again. There are thousands of people in Fresno who are currently struggling with drug addiction. These statistics can help shed some light on the current drug abuse situation in Fresno.

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Drug Detoxification for Fresno Residents

medical nursesAre you noticing signs of drug addiction in a friend, family member or even yourself? Are they exhibiting behavior and symptoms commonly related to substance abuse? If you do notice irregularities and suspicious changes in a loved one’s personality, you should not take it lightly. These small yet significant changes can spell trouble if not addressed immediately. With the help of professionals from Our Addiction Rehab, you can take the first step in helping your loved one give their dependence on addictive drugs and substances.

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Drug Rehabilitation at Our Addiction Rehab

addictionDo you notice subtle and some not-so-subtle differences in your loved ones? Has their personality seen a drastic change in the past few months and you don’t know why? Are they showing signs of addiction and often act secretive? Have you noticed frequent lying, irritability, defensiveness, mood swings and sudden increases in expenses? It is best not to ignore these suspicions and get help from Our Addiction Rehab today.

At Our Addiction Rehab, we foster an excellent team of medical and psychological professionals to help you cope with the challenges of drug addiction. Through comprehensive and customized programs, we are a preferred rehabilitation facility among Fresno residents.

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Interventions for Fresno Residents

Assistance (with clipping path)Are you noticing symptoms of substance abuse or drug addiction in a loved one? Does your friend or family member exhibit suspicious behavior and remains secretive? Have you noticed mood swings, irritability and mood swings? Do you have reason to believe that drugs are involved? If the answer is yes, you should not waste any more time in confronting your loved ones about their habits.

Even if you aren’t completely sure, it is best to seek help from an established facility like Our Addiction Rehab. At our facility, we offer Fresno residents a wide range of services related to staging professional interventions.

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